Drumkid Perfboard Case

Did you already hear of Matt Bradshaw’s awesome Drumkid? It’s an awesome aleatoric (partly controlled by random numbers) drum machine. Compared to other arduino-based drum-machines that only use the internal memory it is very impressive and versatile. Matt is still developing Drumkid, but he was so kind to make his code and schematics available. I decided to make a drumkid on a perfboard and to design a 3D-printed housing for it.

This drumkid goes to my girlfriend’s brother as a birthday/christmas-present, but I think I will make another one for myself. Unfortunately I did not take proper photos with the poti-knobs on, but there you go. Of course it also has a bottom shell, with 9V-battery-compartment and battery-hatch, but I didn’t make a photo of that either.

In case you also want to make a perfboard-Drumkid, here is my schematic layout. To avoid confusion: It has only one circuit board. The above picture shows bottom and top at the same time and also the push-buttons are of course only on one side. refer to the photos. If you want to build it the way I did, but the 3D-files are not uploaded yet, write me a short reminder.