Evaluation & To-do list for the next Prototype

Putting the prototype together already worked better than expected, but it also showed me room for improvement. I decided to:

01.) Replace PLA by PETG, which is more flexible and heat resistant.
02.) Reinforce the electronics compartment‘s screw holes
03.) Allow more space between electronics compartment and enclosure for easy assembly
04.) Reshape the air-inlet-filter-holder to keep a distance to the relocated electronics compartment
05.) Reshape the hatch-gasket-holders to keep a distance to the relocated electronics compartment
06.) Make the enclosure longer for increased bag chamber space and greater assembly tolerances
07.) Reshape the bag adapter for better hold of the bag
08.) Find a better way to close and tighten the hatches
09.) Allow shortening the “celtic cross“ (rear motor holder) manually to account for wood tolerances
10.) Give the user interface a consistent design with good semantics
11.) Relocate the wheels for maximum stability
12.) Add ridges to parts that are screwed on other parts to provide better grip
13.) Add even more guides on the parts for easy positioning
14.) Use glue, but also screws to put the box together
13.) Make the air outlet slightly bigger and add details to make the rim look slimmer

Moreover I still have to figure out the final design of the handle that has not yet been featured in the first prototype and to sew a bag because I simply used a prefabricated one and tightened it provisionally with a bicycle-tube rubber-band