Z-Axis drag chain mount

I made this part available on Thingiverse. Download it here!

I looked for a way to mount the Z-axis drag chain (not really a chain, rather spring steel in a wire harness) to the gantry. I wanted a somewhat sturdy connection, so I opted to download the 3D-file of a part that was supposed to work like the one I ended up designing in the end. After printing the part I found on Thingiverse, I dropped it and it cracked apart, rendered useless (not the one above, which has an intentional split line).

I still liked the concept of using a conus to attach something to the gantry, so I modelled the one on this page.

It works very similar to the part that keeps your bicycle handlebar in place: By tightening the screw on top, the two blue parts start shifting relative to each other. Inside a pipe this causes the whole thing to get stuck and stay in place