Open source designs by Tim Krahmer!

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Award winning musical instrument

Kravox is a cross-platform compatible, open source digital musical instrument that consists of three components – controller/s, receiver and software.

Kravox won the prestigious iF talent award in 2019! You can find out how Kravox works in this video.

Learn how to build your own Kravox here.

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Vacuum cleaner from trash!

More than half of all vacuum cleaners are trashed while they still work. This project turns that trash into a resource: Tenok is a DIY vacuum cleaner that can be equipped with any used vacuum cleaner motor and hose! You are the manufacturer, so you can use, repair and maintain Tenok your whole life!
This project has been featured in MAKE magazine (german edition), issue 05/2019. Read the online article here.
You can also listen to a short radio interview about Tenok that I gave to Deutschlandfunk Kultur (german radio).
Until 05 January 2020 you can see Tenok and other recycling-design projects at the Recycling Design Award exhibition at the museum Marta Herford.
Tenok will also be exhibited at Global Grad Show in Dubai from 12-16 November 2019.
Find out how to build your own vacuum cleaner here and see how it owl began here…
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New life for childhood toys!

If you got a Tyco RC Rebound 4×4 when you were little, you might want try this out: 3D-print the replacement body I designed for it and turn it into a GoPro-equipped Mars-rover!

If you are just looking for a new body because your brave companion has seen better days you can skip printing the camera case. It is an optional feature.


See it in action here and get the 3D-files for printing from thingiverse here.

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Build a huge FX pedal boax!

I created instructions how to build two large deluxe pedalboards combined in a road box!

Each board is 110 cm long each, so  you get a 220 cm pedalboard in total!

The written tutorial is accompanied by a video-tutorial featuring elephants, storm loss and sticky Poetry!

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3D models for download

I usually upload 3D models to thingiverse, but you can find some files for older projects on grabcad as well