Open source multi-user instrument Kravox

Kravox is an Arduino-based, cross-platform compatible, open source digital musical instrument that consists of three components – controller/s, receiver and software.

Playing Kravox is as quite straightforward. Just imagine you are playing around with an ordinary object like a broom and the way you touch and move it through space controls how sound is generated. See and hear how to play Kravox in this video.

In 2019 Kravox received the internationally renowned iF talent award for making a complex technical product accessible for the public.

Screenshot of

If you want to build your own Kravox I provided both written instructions with pictures that have been featured on both the landing page of and and a video tutorial.

The beauty of Kravox is that it’s shape, how it sounds and how it’s played can be adjusted. This gave me the opportunity to design an easy-to-replicate Kravox version for the tutorial. The provided instructions show you all necessary steps for building fully functional controllers and a receiver from easily available electric components and cardboard.

(In case you are curious: On my youtube-channel you can also find a timelapse of how I made the larger version of Kravox that you see in the pictures)