LAKS3R is essentially a redesign of LAKS3, a working prototype of a muscle-powered trike (see below) that I built in 2009. Handling-tests of the prototype led to a structural makeover: While the low seating position and a sportive way of steering shall be maintained, force transmission to the rear wheel is provided by a frame-housed drive shaft. A steered wheelset of two in the front and a single actuated wheel in the back will offer an even better handling than the LAKS3-prototype.

The idea for LAKS3R however dates back even further than the 2009 LAKS3-prototype. The drawing below shows a trike that I already imagined in 2006. Back then the concept included a main unit that could be extended into a three-seater / five-wheeler. Looking back it feels quite idiosyncratic and would probably have been problematic to use, but it developed nicely over time