Even better print part!

I am currently building some things for the exhibition in cologne. Apart from a big showcase with all the necessary parts, there will also be a second Tenok: A colourful Special Edition! So as usual I disassembled an obsolete vacuum cleaner that has seen better days and what do I see? A HUGE motor with an odd backplate that will not fit my adaptor!

Well, I have seen photos of such motors before, but did not manage get my hands on one yet. Though they are nowadays wildly uncommon, I decided to make a custom inlet for my backplate-adaptor. While modelling it, I looked at the motor and started to wonder if it was actually too big to fit in at all. Measured it. Too big. Party over? Of course not! I realized it would fit if held directly by the “celtic cross”, skipping the adaptor alltogether. For that the inner ring had to be 3mm wider, so the motor woud fit right in. Long story short, I updated the celtic cross.

It is fully compatible with all previous parts and it enables you to use odd twentysomething years old Bosch motors!