Ideation process so far

It is Friday evening now and I have been ideating since Tuesday. Apart from brainstorming and sketching ideas, I felt that taking further devices from the trash apart would be a good idea because disassembling the vacuum cleaner sparked a first interresting concept before. On Wednesday and Thursday I opened an LED-screen, a microwave and a hand blender and today I wanted to continue with a filter coffee machine and the base of a full size blender, but they both featured slotted spanner screws that were far recessed in narrow screw domes so even though I had the right driver bit only a special slim screw driver could reach them. However, I really wanted to have a look inside the blender at least so I cracked it open, cut my pinky and decided to call it a weekend for today.

This week leaves me with mixed feelings. Ideation is definitely the right thing to do in this phase of a project, but after the vacuum cleaner idea I am having a hard time to come up with further concepts that have the same appeal. In comparison they now feel more like interresting gadgets. So I am both satisfied with my first concept that just happened to hit me and a bit lost in the ideation process, but I will continue next week and show where this phase has taken me.