no-cost DIY printer enclosure

I want to make sure that the parts can be printed with low-cost desktop 3D-printers. The Prusa i3 design (and its derivatives) is the most widely used one on the market, but by default it has no enclosure, which is howeverhighly recommended for ABS printing to avoid warping. The maker space where I printed my parts had an unused server-cabinet that I wanted to repurpose, but we were missing the key for it, so I built a cabinet from a cart, cardboard and refridgerator-shelves as sliding doors. This worked very well, but I did not want to let the hot printer run in a carton box over night.
I investigated the server cabinet further and realized, you could unscrew the side wall from within by reaching through a hole in the bottom.
With the enclosed printer I managed to print all motor-chamber parts relatively hassle-free. To avoid warping, I reduced the time each part would rest on the bed by printing them one by one with high speed and low z-resolution.