Nominated: German Sustainability Award

I am very happy to announce that Tenok has been nominated for the german sustainability award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis).

The winners of this prestigious award will be announced later this year, but it is already a great honour to be nominated! It makes me smile to see a small wooden vacuum cleaner next to all the big brands. Tenok has travelled a long way already, but I believe that the journey is far from over. The more people get aware of the concept the better. Probably only a few people will ever really build their own vacuum cleaner from trash as suggested, but pretty much everybody will have an opinion about it. Opinions spark discussions and discussions lead to action.

To bring upon change, we need more than a ressource-saving vacuum cleaner, but please tell everyone about it to keep the discussion about what we do need hot.
So if you think the whole concept is nonsense because the world deserves something else that’s actually fine. Make that something else a reality!