Nuclear obsolescence

Today I visited the nuclear power plant in Barsebäck that offers free tours to interrested visitors. The Barsebäck plant has been shut down in 2005 and is now in decomission. Next year (2020) demolition of the plant will start. You can read more about Barsebäck’s the decomissioning process here.

Seeing a facility of such monumental scale and hearing about the immense thought and effort that needs to be put into dealing with the aftermath of this kind of ressource consumption was very interresting. One thing that our tour guide told us was that even if we decide to stop using nuclear power, the question is not, if we like atomic waste or not because it does already exist and we need to decide what to do with it now.

Of course disposable consumer goods are a different topic than nuclear waste, but similarly, if we like it or not, potentially useful components inside those products are thrown away and it is our choice, if we want to put them into landfill, recycle or reuse them