3LR12 adaptor for AA batteries

I bought this lovely Nordmende Transita radio at a flea market and it miraculously still works and sounds great! It needed a new antenna and has a few glitches still, but I’m confident I will sort them out.
The thing is that this radio runs on two nowadays pretty uncommon 3LR12 batteries. Luckily there are 3LR12-shaped adaptors that require 3 AA-batteries, but why should I go buy something when I can simply build it from a used tin can and 3D printed parts (after 8 hours of modelling and 4 hours of printing)? The tin-can portion is used for the electric terminals.

The adaptor works great but by now you still need battery contacts and some wire to make it. I plan to redesign the whole thing, so you only need a tin can and printed parts to make this it in a solder free way. When this is done I will also share the 3D-files on thingiverse