Grasshopper pattern / Guitar FX pedal

Being unable to leave the bed finally gave me the opportunity to get deeper into grasshopper. In my spare time I like to build DIY-guitar-pedals and I decided to give the new arrival a special enclosure: A 3D-printed shape created with the help of Grasshopper! If you are not familiar with generative design tools, you can read about GH here.

I wanted a hexagonal relief that would build up around a defined center (the led) and fade out in certain areas and towards the sides of the pedal. I found a way to make a scalable concentric pattern that does just that, but it would probably be to much to lay it out in detail here. I might make a YouTube-tutorial about it in the future though.

With all the tips the print of the top cover came out a bit stringy, but a stainless steel kitchen sponge removed them neatly. This treatment also gave it a really nice matte finish.