Improving my drill press

I bought a cheap drill press that works okay, but it has one quite annoying feature: A lovelessly designed mount for a safety screen and the drill depth stop. The problem is that it has rather sharp edges on the underside, which does not go well with operating the quick-action chuck I mounted below it.

As I found the safety screen problematic to use as well (though it is a good thing to have in general) I decided to make a mount only for the depth stop. The clou is that it can be removed without taking the chuck off. This was not possible in the original part and eventually led to me breaking it apart because I had to access the chuck from above so it would come off.

I think I will make another improvement for it soon because the scale of the depth stop can not be moved. Doing the math or using a caliper works as well, but knocking out an adjustable scale isn’t much work anyway.