3D printing!

Since Tenok it should be clear that I am fascinated by 3D printing both for its utility value and its potential to change consumer paradigms. I decided to create this page where I display things I made or repaired where 3D printing is involved. So far, all the designs on this page are my own, but if I think that parts I sourced online are worth sharing I might also write about them here.
When I decide to publish 3D-models I designed, you will also find them on thingiverse.

Fan fan March 14, 2020 - I have been on a stepper motor odyssey lately. It all started with the Z-Axis stepper being too weak – or at least I thought… Continue Reading
Z-Axis drag chain mount February 23, 2020 - I made this part available on Thingiverse. Download it here! I looked for a way to mount the Z-axis drag chain (not really a chain,… Continue Reading
Enclosure for RAMBo-board + LCD February 6, 2020 - I could not find an enclosure I really like that can house both the control board and the LCD, so I decided to make my… Continue Reading
Guitar Tuner Head January 24, 2020 - I dropped my guitar and a Tuner Head cracked. 15 Minutes modelling and 45 minutes printing later I had a new one. A lot of… Continue Reading
Ball horn bicycle mount December 27, 2019 - I bought this ball horn in 2011 in Bangalore (India) and when I returned to Germany half a year later, my mother liked it so… Continue Reading
Drumkid Perfboard Case December 23, 2019 - Did you already hear of Matt Bradshaw's awesome Drumkid? It's an awesome aleatoric (partly controlled by random numbers) drum machine. Compared to other arduino-based drum-machines… Continue Reading
Metric Foot for the MPCNC! November 28, 2019 - As I wrote in my last update for the MPCNC build, I had trouble with cracking plastic. I solved the problem by designing my own… Continue Reading
Improving my drill press November 4, 2019 - I bought a cheap drill press that works okay, but it has one quite annoying feature: A lovelessly designed mount for a safety screen and… Continue Reading
Wearable power source for EL wire October 30, 2019 - I made two of those power sources for garments with integrated EL wire (EL = electroluminescent) that my girlfriend made for an artistic performance. It… Continue Reading
Gopro Mars-rover October 10, 2019 - https://youtu.be/r7wR_DGHkUw Being housebound for some time I could not enjoy the nice weather, which sparked the idea to explore the outside world via a GoPro-equipped… Continue Reading
Grasshopper pattern / Guitar FX pedal October 7, 2019 - Being unable to leave the bed finally gave me the opportunity to get deeper into grasshopper. In my spare time I like to build DIY-guitar-pedals… Continue Reading
3LR12 adaptor for AA batteries September 17, 2019 - I bought this lovely Nordmende Transita radio at a flea market and it miraculously still works and sounds great! It needed a new antenna and… Continue Reading
Karlic September 11, 2019 - My father's birthday was coming up, I had no present and could not leave the house after surgery. What to do? Obviously printing a present,… Continue Reading
Emergency crutch lifters August 28, 2019 - After a slightly complex hip surgery I am unable to walk for some time and can only move around on crutches. If I drop one… Continue Reading
Tin can bluetooth speaker April 17, 2019 - I made this speaker for my girlfriend's birthday. It's basically a combination of a tin can enclosure, a 3D-printed cover and the necessary electronics. Intead… Continue Reading