p.p.p.p.p! – post products project progress page

Good that you are here! This is where I am documenting the progress of my design endeavour post products – a project dedicated towards unleashing the potential of seemingly obsolete items! On the p.p.p.p.p I am making my design process visible and document it with photos, sketches, videos, reflections, etc. I also share external ressources I find inspiring here.

19.01 – 05.02.2023 Silberstreifen Award Exhibition January 1, 2023 - I am very pleased and honoured to announce that I have won the prestigious Silberstreifen Award with my open source vacuum cleaner Tenok! There will be an exhibition from 19… Continue Reading
Nominated: German Sustainability Award August 13, 2020 - I am very happy to announce that Tenok has been nominated for the german sustainability award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis). The winners of this prestigious award will be announced later this year,… Continue Reading
Exakt Magazine 2020 June/July issue June 26, 2020 - German carpentry magazine exakt featured Tenok in their June / July issue! The Headline reads "Vacuum Cleaner in a wooden Box" Continue Reading
Tenok mentioned by Top Magazin Hamburg May 13, 2020 - Today Top Magazin from my new hometown Hamburg mentioned Tenok in an online article. You can access it here. Continue Reading
Holz Zentralblatt April 20, 2020 - Holz Zentralblatt, a german forestry and woodworking magazine, published an article about Tenok Continue Reading
Art & Design Magazine of China March 28, 2020 - Today I found the February issue of Art & Design Magazine of China in the mail. It features an article about the International Furniture Fair, where Tenok was shown in… Continue Reading
Hose Adaptors: Complete Collection February 3, 2020 - Until now I added adaptors for different hose-types to the Tenok 3D-file collection on thingiverse now and then. However, I decided to use yesterday evening to create a library of… Continue Reading
Exhibition in Munich 11 – 15 March / Tenok added to green selection January 30, 2020 - Tenok has been included in the Green Selection and is now running for the Green Concept Award 2020. In this context, Tenok will be exhibited at IHM in Munich from… Continue Reading
Tenok in dutch MAKE magazine 01/2020 January 26, 2020 - I am honoured to announce that Tenok has been featured in dutch MAKE magazine no 01/2020! Hardcopys are in stores now and the free online article can be accessed here!… Continue Reading
TV! January 18, 2020 - Today, the TV report about Tenok and my work as a designer aired on n-tv, a german news channel similar to CNN. You can see the single, 5 minute long… Continue Reading
Radio… again January 13, 2020 - Right when the Cologne furniture fair started today, a Radio reporter approached me. You can listen to the feature here. His report is a bit funny because he claims that… Continue Reading
Tenok at the Pure Talents Contest / imm Cologne 2020 January 12, 2020 - From tomorrow you can see Tenok for a whole week at imm Cologne furniture fair. It will be shown as part of the Pure Talents Contest Exhibition. The picture above… Continue Reading
Tenok with a fancy paint job! December 17, 2019 - Do you remember the Tenok I made for the Elmia Subcontractor Fair in Sweden? Well, it got a fancy new paint job! I will exhibit both this one and the… Continue Reading
Exhibition in Cologne, 1 – 4 March December 12, 2019 - Tenok will be on display in Cologne again! From 1 to 4 March you can see Tenok on at the International Hardware Fair (Internationale Eisenwarenmesse). As one of 60 objects,… Continue Reading
Showcase for imm Cologne December 2, 2019 - I decided to make a wall-mounted showcase for the exhibition in Cologne. The twist is that it is a shipping box at the same time: All parts that you need… Continue Reading
Even better print part! November 30, 2019 - I am currently building some things for the exhibition in cologne. Apart from a big showcase with all the necessary parts, there will also be a second Tenok: A colourful… Continue Reading
TV? November 29, 2019 - Today a German TV broadcasting channel called to ask if I was interrested in having a camera crew over to interview me in my provisional workshop. They discovered Tenok via… Continue Reading
Exhibition in Cologne, 13 – 19 Jan 2020 November 1, 2019 - I am happy to announce yet another exhibition: Tenok will be shown as part of the Pure Talents Design exhibition at IMM Cologne furniture fair! Continue Reading
Exhibition in Jönköping (Sweden), 12 – 15 Nov October 30, 2019 - I was asked to display Tenok at Elmia Subcontractor fair in Jönköping, Sweden, but it takes place at exactly the same time as Global Grad Show in Dubai. Well, long… Continue Reading
MAKE magazine – printed article October 10, 2019 - After MAKE magazine has already published an online article earlier, they now also included it in their printed issue 05/2019! Continue Reading
Radio interview September 24, 2019 - If you like, you can listen to a short radio interview about Tenok that I gave to Deutschlandfunk Kultur (german radio) today. Continue Reading
Exhibition in Herford (Germany), 22 Sept – 5 Jan September 2, 2019 - Until 05 January 2020 you can see Tenok and other recycling-design projects at the Recycling Design Award exhibition at the museum Marta Herford. Continue Reading
MAKE online article August 7, 2019 - MAKE: Magazine just published an online article about Tenok! You can read it here. It is in german though. Continue Reading
Exhibition in Dubai, 12-16 Nov August 6, 2019 - I am happy to announce that Tenok will be on display during Dubai Design Week! Tenok will be featured there in Global Grad Show 2019. Continue Reading
Studio photos July 6, 2019 - I used yesterday and today to take some proper pictures of tenok Continue Reading
How it owl began… June 30, 2019 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G96-oUYdHGk Tenok – the movie! Something hit me and I decided that I had to take action! See a dramatic story about displacement and new hope, about a bear, a… Continue Reading
The tutorial is online! June 30, 2019 - If you plan to build your own tenok, I have great news for you because the tutorial to do just that is now online on  instructables.com! (July-update: now also available… Continue Reading
Working on the tutorial June 14, 2019 - Work on the tutorial is progressing well, but it is definitely quite a big task because I am documenting every single step. It seems like the finished tutorial will have… Continue Reading
Redesigned handle June 2, 2019 - When I asked people for their opinion about Tenok, I got some critique for the handle. It used to be made from an old leather belt, which i changed to… Continue Reading
Exhibition in Lund (Sweden), 05 – 11 June May 31, 2019 - If you happen to be in southern Sweden next week, you have the chance to see Tenok and the projects of all current MA and BA graduates of Lund University's… Continue Reading
Recycling ABS… didn’t work May 28, 2019 - I had sorted all the plastic of the vacuum cleaner enclosures by type earlier and visited precious plastic in Malmö today again. We had planned to shred the ABS part… Continue Reading
Tenok is finished! May 27, 2019 - I can proudly present Tenok – the adaptive vacuum cleaner! Those are some impressions of the finished prototype, no. 2 Continue Reading
Assembly of the second prototype starts! May 24, 2019 - Usually assembling something for the second time is much faster, but this assembly is going to be special because I will document each and every step so I can make… Continue Reading
All parts printed! May 12, 2019 - Today I finished printing all the redesigned parts, so assembly of the second prototype can start soon! Continue Reading
no-cost DIY printer enclosure May 8, 2019 - I want to make sure that the parts can be printed with low-cost desktop 3D-printers. The Prusa i3 design (and its derivatives) is the most widely used one on the… Continue Reading
Meltdown test! April 30, 2019 - After verifying that the first prototype works better than expected, I decided to run a ‘meltdown-test‘ by letting the vacuum cleaner run with half and full power with the floor-head… Continue Reading
Evaluation & To-do list for the next Prototype April 29, 2019 - Putting the prototype together already worked better than expected, but it also showed me room for improvement. I decided to:01.) Replace PLA by PETG, which is more flexible and heat… Continue Reading
First Prototype! April 28, 2019 - https://youtu.be/s4RKR85wxE0 I am happy to announce that the first (beta) prototype of the adaptive vacuum cleaner is up and running! Continue Reading
Houston, we have a box! April 16, 2019 - Yesterday I glued together the wooden enclosure and am very happy with the result. However I also discovered an issue that I should fix in the next prototype: To keep… Continue Reading
Printing progress April 7, 2019 - At the moment I am designing the adaptive vacuum cleaner, so I am not posting updates so frequently here. There are still many things to work out, but I am… Continue Reading
The first parts are printed! March 24, 2019 - This weekend I looked at parts of existing vacuum cleaners (left) and finished both the design and a prototype of the adaptive vacuum cleaner's first component: the adaptive hose mount… Continue Reading
Focus: Adaptive vacuum cleaner March 13, 2019 - I guess my previous posts already indicated that I am leaning towards the vacuum cleaner concept. I will now fully concentrate on this concept, examine trashed vacuum cleaners, see which… Continue Reading
I published an Article! March 11, 2019 - I can proudly anounce, that I just published my first article on Medium: Sustainable Design – for the throwaway society: How not understanding the products we use helps trash heaps… Continue Reading
Four Concepts! March 10, 2019 - Today I want to share four concepts that came out of my ideation phase. I present them in the two videos below and provide a reflective evaluation of each concept… Continue Reading
Inspiring initiative: Low-tech lab March 3, 2019 - While all the ressources from the Ore streams archive are really interresting, among others I especially enjoyed The low tech lab. It's a collaborative research and documentation project aiming to… Continue Reading
Nuclear obsolescence March 1, 2019 - Today I visited the nuclear power plant in Barsebäck that offers free tours to interrested visitors. The Barsebäck plant has been shut down in 2005 and is now in decomission.… Continue Reading
Formafantasma’s study on e-waste February 27, 2019 - Today a friend shared Formafantasma's Ore Stream project with me that examines e-waste management. While they ahve also created objects that incorporate e-waste, it is their archive of articles, videos,… Continue Reading
A bear February 23, 2019 - Well, why did I buy a plush bear? I saw this bear at the second hand store two weeks ago and was amazed by it's character. Sometimes, used things age… Continue Reading
Redefined goals February 21, 2019 - After ideating and taking apart all those devices last week I realized something: A repurposed object has greater potential to inspire us when we can still recognize what it has… Continue Reading
Testing all 7 vacuum cleaner motors February 20, 2019 - After disassembling the reamining 6 vacuum cleaners yesterday, I was curious if my assumption that most of the motors would still work fine was true, so I put them to… Continue Reading
I visited precious plastic February 20, 2019 - Shredded packaging + hot iron = Plastic hexagon Yesterday I visited Precious Plastic Sweden, the local precious plastic group in Malmö. When talking to them I saw similarities between their… Continue Reading
Reflecting over the ideation process February 19, 2019 - I am starting to get a hold of what bothers me about the ideation process so far and it is that I am trying to create design solutions to meet… Continue Reading
EU calls for longer lasting products February 18, 2019 - A Eurobarometer survey gives a good overview regarding EU-citizens attitudes towards ressource use. Among other findings the survey reveals that 77% of the population would like to see their broken… Continue Reading
Technological disobedience February 18, 2019 - Today I got familiar with technological disobedience. A term coined by Ernesto Oroza to describe how cubans have overcome their respect for the finished product and learned  to reveal the… Continue Reading
Ideation process so far February 15, 2019 - It is Friday evening now and I have been ideating since Tuesday. Apart from brainstorming and sketching ideas, I felt that taking further devices from the trash apart would be… Continue Reading
Starting to ideate February 12, 2019 - After discussing my progress and the vacuum cleaner idea with my Master project supervisor, I decided to follow his advice and ideate for the rest of the week to be… Continue Reading
7 vacuum cleaners! February 11, 2019 - During the weekend I collected 5 more vacuum cleaners from the trash collection point. Together with the two I already had (of which I took one apart last week) I… Continue Reading
The vacuum cleaner made me think… February 8, 2019 - Since I opened the vacuum cleaner it made me think: I have the impression that they are often thrown away even though the motor is still working properly. Reasons for… Continue Reading
Disassembling a vacuum cleaner February 6, 2019 - Well today I decided to start taking something apart and my choice fell on a red Samsung vacuum cleaner. I just felt I had to go 'beyond the surface' and… Continue Reading
Survey shows: manual skills are on the decline February 6, 2019 - Despite a growing maker movement, manual skills seem to be on the decline. Spending time with the digital world and building literacies there shortens the time we can spend with… Continue Reading
Starting to collect obsolete items February 4, 2019 - After all the reading and finally returning to Lund (Sweden) I started to actively collect obsolete devices from the trash collection point of the student dorm I currently live in.… Continue Reading
Do we have to change the way we design? – an inspiring article I found February 1, 2019 - In his article Is design finished? – dematerialization and changing design Cameron Tonkinwise boldly asks the question why designers go on making things in a world that seems to be… Continue Reading
Three articles about maker culture January 25, 2019 - I did some further reading on maker culture and would like to share three articles I found very interresting to read: The-maker-movement-creates-D.I.Y.-revolutionBeyond apps: Maker-Movement of DIYers fuels innovationThe white house… Continue Reading
Interresting Conference Paper January 23, 2019 - I would like to share an inspiring Conference Paper about Democratizing Technology Pleasure Utility and Expressiveness in DIY and Maker Practice by J. Tanenbaum et al. that I just read.… Continue Reading
Project start January 21, 2019 - I just started a project about using discarded things as raw material for designing new products out of them. I plan to use familar everyday items that have seemingly ‘served… Continue Reading